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Genesis Soils Products initiated soil trials several years ago to produce an organic soil specifically for vegetable growers that we feel gives you the basis for greater plant health that translates into superior flavors for your everyday enjoyment.

Our philosophy, and 35 years of experience as a grower combined with the greatest in organic beneficial soil organisms technology available today bring you the very best for your garden of all sizes.We know that plants must be protected from soil borne disease before germination occurs. We know what works and what does not. We provide growers of all types with a planting medium specifically for the germinating of your favorite vegetable seeds. Our Rhizo-Gen Gen Start is a combination of many years of trials and production out planting results.

When your seeds germinate and first root elongation occurs, the roots come in contact with the mycorrhizae and the other components in the soil that allow for the mycorrhizal hyphal root systems to flourish. Gen-Start protects your plant from the very beginning of its life and will continue through its normal life cycle.

We also encourage our growers to build your soils year after year as you would build a healthy compost pile. When the season is over and winter approaches, we recommend cutting the plants at ground level, compost the tops, but leave the roots alone. The roots are mycorrhizal and they provide continual soil health as time goes by. It is best to wait until spring tillage to cultivate your soils as you do not want to plow up your valuable roots to be exposed to the sun as the heat and air will kill the micro flora. Again, plant Gen Start vegetables in your healthier soils, the mycorrhiza and beneficial bacterial will become stronger each year. You will see and taste the difference.

Our philosophy goes very deep in history, not only is mycorrhizae 460 million years old and the reason plants are still on this earth, but the nutrient values are extremely high leading to greater personal health. In 1957 a bushel of spinach would provide an extremely high level of Iron, today it takes 5 bushels of spinach to give you the same amount of Iron. Why?, because man and their chemical dependence has depleted the natural living organisms in our soils through years of using synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Genesis Soils simply helps to restore our soils to what once gave us true, safe, healthy food.


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