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Management and Consulting Services

Genesis Soils Products offers all its customers with help in many areas of plant and soil health. We work closely with you and your existing consulting groups to add a dimension of experience that they may not be as familiar with.

Soil and plant health starts with an understanding of all the components that bring the greatest performance. While PH, NPK and minor elements are important, it is also critical to understand and apply the soil bourn fungi and related associates for a complete healthy rhizosphere below the ground.

We apply 35 years of in field experience coupled with associations with some of the greatest scientists and laboratories specifically trained in mycology to aid in the decision making process to better serve your special needs.

Genesis understands the methodology of successful mycorrhizal inoculations. Your success directly translates to our success for long lasting relationships and greater plant health.

Please contact us for our personalized approach in assisting you with your propagation needs.

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PHYLLOXERA Facts/Answers 04-16-10 One special area of interest is the role soil biological activity plays in maintaining vine health and crop quality. Soil microorganisms, including beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, play a major role in nutrient uptake of the vine. These organisms also help protect the vine against nematode attack and other pathogens. Read on . . .

Phylloxera has been a vine killer for a long time and has cost the industry as they say billions. Genesis has an answer to this serious problem that will continually morph unless we take a different approach, an internal combative one. One that has 460 million years of answers.



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