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Why Temperature is so Important!

Temperature controlled environments:
At Genesis we use soil temperatures to aid us in the decision of when to water and how much.70 degrees Fahrenheit soil temperature is an optimum range to reduce the possibilities of “Damping Off”. When our soil temperatures start to exceed 70-75 degrees we simply start an irrigation cycle to reduce the soil temperature back down in the safe range.

This method will help protect the young germinates from disease until the mycorrhizal colonization takes over after a few weeks of root growth. After colonization occurs we are free to “Pump Up” the plants with our nutrient program.

With the Genesis Rhizo-Gen mycorrhizal components in the soil, the plants will respond much better and be able to access available nutrients to grow faster and healthier providing a more natural approach to growing plants of all types. This method eliminates the use of fungicides.





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