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Genesis Soil Products innovative Rhizo-Gen provides breakthrough technology for the Grape Industry

September 25, 2008

My results using Genesis Soils Rhizo-Gen grape inoculum are far greater than I had anticipated. I have been purchasing young grapevines for many years trying to find a plant that has the characteristics that I know will help the plant give me the best start possible. I could not believe the root systems on the Genesis grapevines! The color and size were also far superior to the plants that had a rudimentary mycorrhizae soil mix. The comparison is included in the Genesis website. The vines are visually larger and healthier than the other plants that we compared. I could not be happier with the results and the association we have with Genesis Soils. Continually the service and advise we were given exemplifies the professionalism that we expect here at Spring Mountain Vineyard.

We have a shortage of water later in the year and we struggle to keep the vines as healthy as we can. Using Genesis Soils products has enabled us to use less water due to the efficiencies that the plant develops from the mycorrhizae and other components that only Genesis Soils offers. The vines do not become over stressed and decline late in the season during our deficit irrigation practices. We are also using organic fertilizers now that are recommended by Genesis, the results are outstanding!

We have also applied the newest version of Genesis products, Rhizo-Gen in a liquid form that we are applying to our young vineyards through the existing drip system. We compared our control rows to the inoculated rows and just after three months we are seeing a noticeable difference. This will allow Spring Mountain Vineyard to catch up with the young vineyards that we were not able to inoculate at the nursery level.

In conjunction with Genesis we have planted young vines in a new block that has a high pressure of Leafroll virus. We anticipate as with other plants and scientific evidence that we will see a general reduction and possibly elimination of infection in our new plantings.

Our association with Genesis will help us grow the healthiest vineyards possible. This translates into financial savings through efficiency, and most importantly to keep up with our tradition of offering the highest quality wines possible.


Ron Rosenbrand
Vineyard Manager
Spring Mountain Vineyard


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