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Genesis Soils announces new product line specifically for the Forest Tree Industry.

July 2010:

We have been working with a major timber company researching a nursery soil that will specifically target the cloned tissue culture growing practices of today. The “Super Trees” as they are referred to will change the practice of sustainable timber production in a very big way. Super Trees are simply just that they are cuttings taken from the largest, healthiest, majestic trees in the forest. Small tissue cultures are generated to hand planting them in a container grown environment similar to present day seedlings in greenhouses.

The impetus behind this technology is that it will narrow the sustainable yield time period to harvest by perhaps 40%. The trees will simply come to harvest quicker. Wood quality will be at its strongest and most importantly we are farming trees more efficiently for the future.

The issues that we are addressing at Genesis Soils is the rooting capacities of the cuttings, or the lack there of. We believe we can stimulate the plant to produce massive root systems that will significantly speed up the juvenile growth which will in turn get the plant to grow at an earlier stage commensurate to its intended growth rates. This will allow the timber companies to meet their required in field size after 3 years, increase their field survival rates, and produce a hardier plant that will significantly reduce failure due to deer browse.

Cuttings are taken from the super trees, they are grown through tissue culture into plantlets and transplanted into a larger cell format prior to out planting. We are addressing the traditional lack of root systems with a specific natural nursery soil using the technologies available with the introduction of beneficial fungi and beneficial bacteria in conjunction with components that we know activate an extremely high response in hyphal mycelium growth that leads to increased levels of mycorrhizal inoculation infection and growth response.

Our trials are now showing substantial positive results after just 10 months of involvement. We will continue with our Genesis Soils Forest Nursery Mix technology over the next several growing seasons.
Results are industry leading at this point in time.

If you are interested in entering our early nursery applications please feel free to contact me directly.

Bruce Coulthard.
Genesis Soils
P.O. Box 440-A
Saint Helena, CA 94574
E-mail us: BruceC@genesis-soils.com
PHONE: (707) 287-6111




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